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Repeat prescriptions


The practice is moving to providing all prescriptions electronically where possible.

  • You can nominate a pharmacy to always be the one we send your prescription to.
  • You can nominate a pharmacy to have a one-off prescription sent to.
  • You can have your prescription sent to you as a number in a text message that you can take to any pharmacy in England and ask them to process it using that number (if you are unable to receive the number via text message then you could collect as a print out from the surgery)

If you live more than 1 mile from a local pharmacy then we can dispense your medication to you and we can also provide a delivery service (See Here For Details)

There are several ways you can order repeat prescriptions.


By far the easiest way for you to arrange your repeat medication is online. You can use the online service to order your regular repeat medications, it will help you as it shows you the right name strength and dosage to order and when it is next available.

On your Smart Phone: NHS app link CLICK HERE for link to page. (It is self service to register and link to your medical record via the App using Photo ID e.g. Passport/ Driving Licence)

On a computer: SystmOnline CLICK HERE for link to page. (new users will need to request log on details from the surgery)

By Phone

If you normally attend Alnwick you can order repeat prescriptions by telephone through our repeat prescription line on 01665 510666 at the following times:

Mon – OPEN – 8.30-11.30 then 1.00-5pm
Wed – OPEN – 8.30-11.30 then 1.00-5pm
Thurs – CLOSED
Fri – OPEN – 8.30-11.30 then 1.00-5pm

If you normally attend one of our branch sites then call them directly.

Embleton surgery – 01665 576635
Seahouses surgery – 01665 720294

To avoid errors please ensure that you know the name, strength and dosage of the drugs that you require.

Local pharmacies require 4 days notice to prepare prescription requests. Please avoid last minute requests to ensure you get your medications on time and avoid running out.

In person

we are no longer accepting repeat prescription requests on paper in order to help reduce the possibility of transferring infection. Please use either Online or Phone

Repeat dispensing

Patients on stabilised repeat medication may be able to order them direct from the pharmacy or dispensary without having to call the practice every month, and is called Repeat Dispensing – please ask a receptionist for details.

Dispensing services

For patients who live in some of the most rural villages to the west of Alnwick and along the coast served by our branch sites, you can register as a dispensing patient. This means that you can receive medicines directly from your doctor when they visit, or have them dispensed in the surgery after your consultation.

Patients are eligible as long as they live more than one mile from a pharmacy, so patients in Lesbury, Whittingham and Denwick, for instance, will be eligible.

If you are registered with Alnwick Medical Group and eligible for dispensed medicines, please call your local surgery to request and collect repeat prescriptions during their normal opening hours. Please contact them to clarify collection times.


Online services

You can order repeat prescriptions online 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Patients who have already signed up to this service find repeat ordering quick and convenient.

In addition to ordering repeat medications, online access allows you:

  • To book routine appointments when you have received an invitation by letter e.g. Annual Long-Term Condition Reviews, etc.
  • View some of your medical record, such as your vaccination history.

If you would like to apply for online access please do so directly via the NHS App or call and speak to one of our reception team who will be able to guide you through the process.

NHS app link CLICK HERE for link to page SystmOnline CLICK HERE for link to page


Medication Reviews

Medication reviews are an opportunity for doctors, nurses dispensers and pharmacists to check that patients have access to the most appropriate treatments for their condition(s), that these are safe, optimised to reduce the number of items taken daily, to reduce interactions and side effects and to ensure that NHS resources are being utilised cost effectively.

Doctors, nurses, dispensers and pharmacists undertake medication reviews within the practice. Some medication reviews are limited to a particular condition, for example a nurse reviewing inhalers at an annual asthma clinic review and other reviews are more in depth and wide-ranging and these are carried out by doctors and pharmacists. Our dispensing team also conduct reviews and will ensure that problems for example, difficulties opening packets of tablets are explored and solutions found. When we ask you to have a medication review we will send you a message with a link to complete an online form which will help us to undertake the review fully
Occasionally a GP or pharmacist may call you to discuss your medications in order to clarify the need for a drug or to make a recommendation to improve your care.

If you wish to discuss your medications at any time with one of our doctors or pharmacists please use eConsult and then select ‘other requests for documents or paperwork’ to raise a non-urgent request or call our reception team to arrange this. Please phone after midday as mornings are busy taking calls from people with urgent appointment requests


Prescription payments

All prescribed medications and appliances incur a prescription charge for each item in England, unless a patient is under 16, over 60 or meets another non-payment criteria.

For further information on health costs, CLICK HERE.

Special circumstances

Lost prescriptions

Occasionally patients may misplace or lose one or more of their prescribed medications, or leave them behind on holiday – We’re here to help. Please contact one or our receptionists or dispensers who will log your request for replacement item(s) with one of the doctors. We will endeavour to supply a prescription to ensure you are without medication for the shortest time possible.

Where controlled drugs (CDs) such as strong painkillers or sedatives have been lost a GP consultation will be required to explore the circumstances in greater detail.

Holiday cover

If you are planning to have an extended period of holiday and require more than a 1-month supply of repeat medications please inform a member of the reception team or a dispenser at your local branch site to arrange an appropriate quantity of medication(s) to cover your holiday stay.

Emergency medication supplies

Sometimes patients run out of medication unexpectedly and need an emergency supply.
CLICK HERE to get more information of the services that a pharmacist can provide in these circumstances.